Signature Management

Underwater signatures from ships, used for mine-fusing and detection should be known and controlled for each naval vessel before entering a mission.

SWECADE© is a software package for magnetic, electric and pressure signature management. It has been developed in co-operation with FMV (the Swedish Defence Material Administration) to be the main tool in prediction, design and evaluation of non-acoustic underwater ship-signatures.

SWECADE© has been used at all Swedish ranges (Sea and land) since 1995 and, in its present version, it is also adapted for transportable ranges.

SWECADE© runs on any standard PC with Windows XP and can read sensor values from a file or use ADC-boards for data acquisition.
The three modules in SWECADE© are:

The component signature prediction module offers:

  • The calculated magnetic signature at any depth and ambient field
  • Modular build up of whole ship set of components (engines, gears etc.)

The loop-coil design package features:

  • Design of loop-coils for components, a ship or a ship class
  • 3D graphic displays of cable routes
  • Prediction of coil-effects at any distance

The range utilities are optimised for:

  • Signal processing and data management
  • Quick, semi-automatic, coil prediction
  • and definition of optimum settings
  • Powerful display and print routines
  • Built in training for operators and degaussing technician

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